Monoceros: Faster and Predictable Services through In-pod Load-balancing

Thursday, 12 October, 2023 - 10:1010:30

Sotiris Nanopoulos and Ben Kochie, Reddit


Join us as we discuss how we optimized multi-process Python applications. Decreasing CPU variance, leading better CPU utilization, while improving latency by 20%. We’ll share our journey from a Ruby-based system to creating Monoceros to tackle Python’s limitations in large scale Kubernetes deploymnents. Learn about our initial problems which lead us to improve load-balancing and observabily with Monoceros. We’ll wrap up with a comparison of SO_REUSEPORT load balancing and full load balancers. This talk is perfect for those interested in efficient system performance at scale.

Sotiris Nanopoulos, Reddit Inc

Sotiris is a software engineer focusing on building reliable, performant and secure cloud native networking infrastructure. Currently he is working at Reddit in the infrastructure transport team and before that he was contributing to Envoy Proxy on behalf of Microsoft. He is originally from Athens Greece but living in Toronto Canada.

Ben Kochie, Reddit Inc

Ben is a Principal Software Engineer for the infrastructure team at Reddit. He is passionate about scale, automation, open source, and observability. Ben has been working in software and systems engineering since 1996. Previously working in SRE at Google, SoundCloud, and GitLab. Currently located in Berlin, Germany.

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