Deploying and Debugging HTTP/3

Tuesday, 10 October, 2023 - 14:5015:30

Robin Marx, Akamai


Modern networking protocols like QUIC and HTTP/3 are not only complex, they're also almost fully encrypted, even at the transport layer. The combination of these two aspects makes them hard to debug and deploy, especially at scale.

This talk will focus on features like packet header protection, 0-RTT, alt-svc, resource prioritization, and connection migration and how they can cause issues when setting up, load balancing and firewalling real-world QUIC deployments. We will also discuss practical options for debugging the protocols, like curl, wireshark, and the bespoke qlog and qvis tooling. All of this is supported by "tales from the trenches" from companies like Akamai, Google, Meta and Cloudflare.

So, if you've always wanted to know how Google DDoSed itself, with the only recovery option being to turn off QUIC for a week, join us for this technical deep-dive!

Robin Marx, Akamai

Dr. Robin Marx is a Web Performance Expert at Akamai Technologies. He focuses on the performance and workings of modern Web protocols like HTTP/2, HTTP/3 and QUIC and has been a contributor in the IETF QUIC working group for multiple years. His PhD research was focused on debugging and understanding these protocols.

Robin often talks about web performance at international conferences, making the complex situations more insightful to the wider public. On the weekends, he likes to hit other people with longswords.

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