Scale Your Future: An Immersive Engineering Programme

Tuesday, 10 October, 2023 - 14:5015:30

Radha Kumari, Slack; Margarita Glushkova and Berkeli Halmyradov, Slack / Code Your Future


Software infrastructure and operations are hard to break into. Most computer science grads aren't well-prepared for the industry but pathways like internships do exist. For non-graduates the doors are locked and bolted.

This talk is about how Slack partnered with Code Your Future, a free, volunteer-run coding school for refugees, asylum seekers and other people excluded from education, to build a volunteer team of industry professionals and designed an innovative curriculum and work placement to find and nurture promising new talent.

Join us as we hear first-hand what it was like for two of those new engineers, who have been through the course and the work placement: what they learned, what surprised them, what was difficult, and how their outlook on software engineering has changed.

We hope attendees will be inspired to invest in similar initiatives and unlock opportunities for under-represented individuals.

Radha Kumari, Slack

Radha is a Staff Software Engineer for the Demand Engineering team at Slack (Ireland) where she focuses on ensuring "bytes" move in and out of Slack as expected.

Outside work, she loves travelling around the world and has been to over 30 countries since 2013. She enjoys playing keyboard and also has a passion for collecting shoes.

Margarita Glushkova, Slack / Code Your Future

Margarita is a graduate from Code Your Future and now a Software Engineering Intern at Slack (UK), where she is part of Demand Engineering team responsible for Ingress traffic and Service Discovery. She has a passion for learning about complex distributed systems and how to keep them reliable and fast.

During her free time, she enjoys hiking with her dogs and exploring the English countryside.

Berkeli Halmyradov, Slack / Code Your Future

Berkeli is a passionate Software Engineering Intern at Slack (UK), where he is part of the Demand Engineering team responsible for ingress traffic and service discovery. A proud graduate of Code Your Future, Berkeli's commitment to continual learning drives his interest in exploring new technologies. In addition to his professional pursuits, he volunteers his spare time at Code Your Future, reinforcing his dedication to the tech community.

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