SRE for [cyber]security

Wednesday, 11 October, 2023 - 09:0009:40

Nicolas Fischbach, Google


In this talk I'll share lessons learned from leading the SRE teams at Google who look after our low-level infrastructure security, make "prod" more secure, deliver industry-leading Cloud Security products and address global resilience by preparing for low-probability high-consequences events. To make this practical, I'll apply an enterprise CISO/BoD lens to it (informed by my previous experience as a cybersecurity software vendor CTO/VPE).

Nicolas Fischbach, Google

Nico leads Security, Privacy, Resilience and Cloud AI SRE at Google. His global teams look after the most critical low-level security components that underpin all of Google's infrastructure as well as the Cloud Security & AI products and services in Google's enterprise offering. His team is also tasked in making "Prod" more secure as well as researching and preparing for Low Probability and High Consequence events. Before Google Nico was the CTO and VP of Engineering at Forcepoint and Director of Architecture and Innovation at Colt Technology Services. Over the last two decades he presented at numerous technical and business conferences in the cybersecurity and SP/telco domains.

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