Should I Use OTel (collectors), or Is Prometheus Good Enough?

Thursday, 12 October, 2023 - 09:0009:40

Krisztian Fekete,


Everyone is talking about OpenTelemetry. It's a popular topic, even though most people is not aware of the differences between OpenTelemetry tools, APIs, and SDKs, so participating in these conversation can be confusing at times.

Others think that OpenTelemetry (the collector, in this case) is a silver bullet, and everyone needs to remove all of their Prometheus instances, telemetry agent, and deploy OTel collectors everywhere. Are they aware of the functionalities they miss or the failure modes they will introduce? Not necessarily.

As a former SRE I monitored tens of millions of users with the traditional Prometheus stack. In my current position I am working heavily with OTel to design telemetry pipelines at scale with customers. The goal of this talk is to make it easier for SREs to make informed decisions about the pros and cons for the tooling they are considering using for the job at hand.

Krisztian Fekete,

Krisztian is enthusiastic about observability and cloud infrastructures. He's now working at as an engineer. Previously, he was working at LastPass as senior DevOps/SRE engineer. He is building a self hosted blog on top of Istio in his spare time. The main topics of the blog are aligned with his interests while he is also using the platform to share operational anecdotes on running one of the most "over-engineered" blog out there.

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