Performance Testing in Keptn Using K6

Friday, June 16, 2023 - 11:55 am12:20 pm

Jainam Shah, JioSaavn


Keptn is an open-source project that provides scalable automation for delivery and operations, helps evaluate service level objectives (SLOs), and includes a dashboard, alerts, and auto-remediation. Keptn also allows users to add load testing to their delivery pipeline using tools like K6, JMeter, and Locust.

K6, a modern load testing tool, can simulate thousands of virtual users with just one load generator and has the ability to export test metrics to external data sources like Prometheus and Datadog.

After load testing, Keptn's Quality Gates can evaluate and monitor test results and define SLO objectives.

The Keptn Job Executor Service allows for the integration of K6 and can be used to integrate other tools by running tasks as short-lived Kubernetes Jobs.

Jainam Shah, Software Engineer @ JioSaavn | GSoC @ Keptn

Jainam is a polyglot developer from India who graduated from IIT Ropar with a degree in Computer Science. He currently works as a Software Engineer in the ML/AI team of JioSaavn and recently contributed to the Keptn organization as part of Google Summer of Code.

In his free time, he enjoys playing football and participating in hackathons.

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