SRE Engagement Model Transition in Building and Expanding SRE Team

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 10:00 am10:25 am

Shimpei Sasano, JCB Co., Ltd., and Ryotaro Takeda, NTT Data Corporation


In this talk, we will share our transition of the SRE team's engagement model from a start-up to a team capable of supporting a 400-person organization. We responded to challenges as the business and organization grew by changing the team's engagement model and mission through three main phases: Launch, Specialization, Expansion. We hope our transition story can provide some insights for those planning to build or expand an SRE team.

Shimpei Sasano, JCB Co., Ltd.

Shimpei Sasano is the product owner of the SRE team at JCB Co., Ltd. In his previous job, he worked as an in-house SE for a retail system, participating in the introduction of public clouds, development of applications for consumers. He joined JCB in 2020, and has been participating in a project to accelerate business construction by utilizing cloud native technology.

Ryotaro Takeda, NTT Data Corporation

Ryotaro Takeda is a Site Reliability Engineer at NTT Data Corporation. He joined NTT Data in 2014, and has been helping customers of retail and financial business to adopt Agile and DevOps practices. Currently, he leads SRE practice for a financial service customer and is also dedicated to promoting SRE culture in NTT Data.

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