The Secret Weapon for a Successful SRE Career - And It's Not What You Think!

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 9:00 am9:55 am

Luke Mundy, Virtual Gaming Worlds


There's one skill that has been a large part of the success I've had as an SRE and it has nothing to do with technical knowledge or understanding the inner workings of Kubernetes. It’s my soft skills and how I work with others. But what even are "soft skills"? How do you develop those skills if you don’t have them? How do you get better at "working with people"?

This talk will use personal and professional anecdotes to explain the concepts behind "soft skills" and give you real usable advice and drills to develop these skills - regardless of whether you are an introvert or an extrovert. I’ll break it down and deliver it in context for technical professionals and walk through why I think these skills and concepts are such an integral part of the SRE discipline.

Luke Mundy, Virtual Gaming Worlds

Luke is a Senior SRE from Perth Australia with a passion for working at the intersection of people and software engineering. His career started on an IT Helpdesk for a small MSP but with the ambition of working in the games industry as a Software Engineer. Luke was instrumental in bridging the gap between development and operations teams when DevOps first swept over the industry and today is a key part of a team that builds and runs a highly successful social games platform providing entertainment to hundreds of thousands of players every day across North America.

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