From Push to Pull: Managing Mutable Infrastructure at a Global Scale

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - 1:55 pm2:50 pm

Holly Mooneyham, Cisco Meraki


In a brownfield, the transition to immutable infrastructure can take years of concentrated effort; leaving teams with a complex set of mutable infrastructure and technical debt that requires a robust set of tools and processes to support as the architecture evolves. Managing these tools and processes across a massive hybrid cloud spanning more than 5,000 compute instances across 12+ data centers and public cloud is a daunting prospect for any SRE team.

I’ll share my story of evolving deployment infrastructure in this world from a developer-centric and push-oriented model to a distributed, eventually consistent, and pull-oriented model despite the challenges associated with traditional infrastructure and technical debt. I’ll also share what I’ll be keeping an eye out for in the future and how teams with similar problems but different environments can apply my design concepts to solve the problems and technical debt they face in their own work.

Holly Mooneyham, Cisco Meraki

Holly has worked in SRE for 7 years, looking after everything from kernel bugs to massive globe spanning distributed systems. She loves taking things apart to understand how they work and they joy of solving a complicated mystery someone dropped by her desk with. She takes the idea of curiosity as a skill to heart, and one of her favorite things is teaching others to "let's go see". Outside of work you'll find her hiking around the San Francisco Bay Area with her dog, leading raid groups in Final Fantasy XIV, or making lots of Japanese food.

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