Real World Debugging with eBPF

Wednesday, June 14, 2023 - 3:50 pm4:45 pm

Zhichuan Liang, Isovalent


In this talk, we'll explore the use of eBPF for debugging real-world production issues in a Golang environment. We'll cover the limitations of traditional debugging tools like gdb and delve, and dive into challenges and potential solutions for using eBPF in this environment. Through real-world use cases, we'll demonstrate how eBPF tools can help you debug production issues immediately without special debug modes. This talk will provide attendees with practical knowledge and deep insights into eBPF technology, helping them to think deeper about debugging other environments and inspiring them to further debugging any environment.

Zhichuan Liang, Isovalent

Zhichuan Liang is a software engineer working on the Cilium datapath in Isovalent, the one who loves troubleshooting and debugging by creating eBPF tools.

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