Transformation Journey of E2E Customer Flow Testing to Proactive Synthetic Monitoring System

Friday, June 16, 2023 - 1:40 pm2:35 pm

Ananth Jayaraman and Rex Pravin L, PayPal India Private Ltd.


An important cog during PayPal’s releases is validation of End-to-End Customer Transaction Flows through automated test runs on the newly upgraded version before its released LIVE. The E2E customer flow tests are also simulated to run on each Availability Zones, to certify Changes, Maintenances on them before enabling to external customer traffic. Hence automated customer flow tests act as Change Reliability Lever. We have evolved this release vetting system to a Synthetic monitoring capability where PayPal Customer flow tests act as synthetics that are externalised to run at regular intervals to ensure they are functioning, available, and responding within specified Performance thresholds. Synthetic monitoring helps in Incident Prevention and reduce MTTD (Mean time to Detect) and thereby restore the site health within minutes. Its also facilitates proactive Alerting and Communicate the impact to the Customers proactively.

Ananth Jayaraman, PayPal

Ananth Jayaraman - A member of Technical Staff within SRE Platforms at PayPal. Technologist who is passionate about automation and building Platforms that are Reliable and scalable. Ananth has built Auto-Triage and Auto-recovery, along with Synthetic Monitoring capability for PayPal.

Rex Pravin L, PayPal

Rex is a Technology leader & SRE enthusiast. Rex has played various roles in PayPal from Quality Engineering Automation, Merchant Technical services & leading SRE Critical Issue Engineering, the common factor is the customer focus and passion for reliability & automation. Rex currently heads the SRE Platform Engineering team in APAC, building platforms to drive availability & reliability, especially on Change Reliability, Operability and Accountability tracking.

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