Untangling the Tangled Cloud

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 10:55 am11:50 am

Joshua Fox, DoiT International


How do you arrange virtual machines, databases, and other services into logical groups?

Whether with Google Cloud projects, AWS accounts, or Azure resource groups, my consulting customers find that either lumping all the resources together or parceling them out into tiny groups makes management, security, and cost analysis too difficult: It’s tough predicting the impact of a change.

In this talk, related to my article at Usenix :login;, I’ll explain how I advise architects to make their infrastructure follow the logical boundaries of microservices and the organization.

We'll see simple metrics that support the principles of high cohesion, low coupling; and high correlation between the stability of units and the fraction of inbound dependencies. To help in this, we'll review Ferent, a new open-source analysis tool that I developed in Clojure for measuring inter-project dependencies in Google Cloud.

Joshua Fox, DoIT International

Joshua Fox advises tech startups and growth companies about the cloud. Along with that, he writes open source, publishes technical articles, and speaks to cloud engineers as a Google Developer Expert.

Before that, he was a software architect in innovative technology companies in Israel for 20 years.

He has a PhD from Harvard University and a BA in math from Brandeis.

Read more at joshuafox.com

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