Humane On-call

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 3:10 pm3:35 pm

Martin Barry, Fastly


On-call is part of the working life for many folks in SRE, technical operations and software development roles.

It's a key enabler of the 24x7 operations that most businesses require and yet it is often an afterthought in the hiring, on-boarding and managing phases of team building.

This talk will aim to underline the importance of on-call and why it deserves more thoughtful consideration.

Attendees will take-away ideas for adoption of on-call at their company or changes they could make to their current on-call situation.

Martin Barry, Fastly

Martin is the Interconnection Manager at Fastly where he focuses on the delivery of new edge capacity to add to their 252 Terabit network (as of December 2022). He has over two decades of experience in technical operations, starting with system and network administration, through to the design, deploy and operation of large scale internet infrastructure.

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