Hold My Beer - Load Testing. In Production. On Autopilot.

Friday, June 16, 2023 - 10:55 am11:50 am

Slava Antonenko, Outbrain


You're driving a car and like any other it went through crash testing before mass manufacturing and shipment. Now imagine tests were done for each component separately and not the car as a whole. Would you still drive it? Not so sure! The same is true with Load Testing in production. Having them on real-time data is possible and helps you to increase your predictions and business performance. In this talk we will explain how we’ve touched the holy grail - Load Testing in production while minimizing risk and human intervention. We will go over the gains (uptime and predictability) and tradeoffs (risks and costs). We will go over how automating load tests drove a deeper cultural shift by increasing developer confidence in their services, with almost no additional overhead to the developers. And lastly, we will share more info about the service that made it all happen.

Slava Antonenko, Outbrain

Slava is a Site Reliability Engineer at Outbrain, bringing 7 years of engineering experience to his work. He specializes in building reliable and scalable eco-systems, has a passion for innovation and a talent for bringing ideas to life from scratch. In addition to his technical pursuits, Slava is also a huge Formula 1 fan.

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