Giving Away Your Secrets: Opening Metrics Up to Users

Thursday, June 15, 2023 - 4:05 pm5:00 pm

Alexander Ananiadis, Bloomberg


Does your platform host applications written by your customers who need to monitor their performance? Is your managed service mission-critical to performance-sensitive clients? Or perhaps your “customers” are actually other teams using your internal platform. Metrics and monitoring systems usually give us insight into the performance of our own services, but giving data directly to users – both internal and external – can help them detect and solve problems on their own, increasing their satisfaction and reducing the support load on our teams.

We will explore different methods for providing users and customers with this direct level of visibility and discuss which approaches make sense in different real-world scenarios, along with some common challenges and pitfalls.

Alexander Ananiadis, Bloomberg

Alexander is a team lead at Bloomberg L.P. where his team builds monitoring and observability solutions in the Real-time Enterprise Technology group. His professional experience is mainly in Python, working on back-end services and distributed systems. Alexander has a bachelor's degree in materials science & engineering from Johns Hopkins University and in a past life performed research on metal alloys for the US military.

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