Next Generation Delivery Working Group

Tuesday, March 21, 2023 - 1:50 pm5:30 pm

There is a direct correlation between delivering software and restoring services. However, software delivery systems have not kept pace with the evolution of cloud-native software. One of the critical responsibilities of delivery is reliability.

In this invitational unconference session, join industry leaders and practitioners going deep on the role of delivery systems in their production environments. Key questions that will be explored are:

  • Where does delivery end or begin in cloud native systems?
  • Who are the key stakeholders, how do they stay informed, and what accountability models work in a cloud-native world?
  • How have compliance and security impacted your delivery systems (i.e., B2B SaaS single tenant needs)?

Leaders and practitioners that attend this unconference will walk away armed with a deeper understanding of another lever in their reliability toolkit.

This SREcon Working Group will publish a summarized article on the concepts and findings to inform leaders on the value of delivery systems in service of reliability.

Applications for participation in this working group discussion are now closed.

The working group will meet during the same time periods as the talk sessions on Tuesday afternoon of the conference (1:50 pm–5:30 pm).

Accepted participants will be notified via email prior to the conference. If you yourself are not the right person from your company to participate, but you know someone else who would be, please pass this information along to them.