Founder/CTO Perspectives: The Future of Distributed Tracing

Wednesday, March 22, 2023 - 4:50 pm5:35 pm

Charity Majors,; David Cramer, Sentry; Maggie Johnson-Pint, Stanza


Honeycomb and Sentry are both major providers of distributed tracing software, with very different approaches to the problem space. Hear from their founder/CTOs about how they got started in distributed tracing, where they think distributed tracing is most impactful for engineering teams, and how they see the future of distributed tracing technology.

Charity Majors,

Charity is a co-founder and CTO at, a tool for software engineers to understand what happens when their code meets production. She has worked at companies like Facebook, Parse, and Linden Lab as a systems engineer and engineering manager but always seems to be responsible for the databases. Co-author of O'Reilly's Database Reliability Engineering and newly-released Observability Engineering. Charity loves free speech, free software, and single malt scotch.

David Cramer, Sentry

David Cramer is a software engineer by trade, and the co-founder and CTO of Sentry, an open source application monitoring platform used by nearly 100,000 technology companies. Prior to Sentry, he focused on infrastructure and developer experience at companies like Dropbox and Disqus, and is a prolific contributor to several open source ecosystems.

Maggie Johnson-Pint, Stanza

Maggie Johnson-Pint is co-founder and head of product at Stanza, a new startup building user interface aware fault tolerance for every team. Prior to co-founding Stanza, Maggie worked in developer tools, SRE and front end development at Microsoft and Stripe. She has also served on TC39—the JavaScript language standards committee. Maggie spends a lot of her spare time with board games and Australian Shepherds.

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