Dissecting the Humble LSM Tree and SSTable

Thursday, 27 October, 2022 - 11:0011:40 CEST

Suhail Patel


As reliability engineers, part of our role is to provide guidance on how systems should be developed and implemented.

In this talk, we will start from the ground up, describing what the LSM data structure is and implementing it using code. We'll then talk about the operational characteristics and how they are used in practice for high performance applications that need to store data.

Suhail Patel

Suhail is a Staff Engineer at Monzo Bank focused on building the Core Platform. His role involves building and maintaining Monzo's infrastructure which spans over two thousand microservices and leverages key infrastructure components like Kubernetes, Cassandra, Etcd and more. He focuses specifically in investigating deviant behaviour and ensuring services continue to work reliably in the face of a constantly shifting environment in the cloud

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