SRE in Enterprise

Thursday, 27 October, 2022 - 09:0009:45 CEST

Steve McGhee and James Brookbank, Google Cloud


A talk on Enterprise Roadmap for SRE, a new O'Reilly report authored by Steve and James. We review challenges that enterprises are having with adopting SRE today and how to overcome them. Paper copies of the report will be available.

Steve McGhee, Google Cloud

Steve was an SRE at Google for about 10 years in Android, YouTube and Cloud. He then joined a company to build reliable systems on the Cloud. Now he's back at Google, helping more companies do that.

James Brookbank, Google Cloud

James Brookbank is a cloud solutions architect at Google. Solution architects help make cloud easier for Google’s customers by solving complex technical problems and providing expert architectural guidance. Before joining Google, James worked at a number of large enterprises with a focus on IT infrastructure and financial services.

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