Migrating Datastores

Friday, December 09, 2022 - 11:30 am12:00 pm AEDT

Tessa Bradbury, Buildkite


As software engineers, we're often trying to keep up with growing products and new technologies, this means we're often needing to move data from an old datastore to a new one—while the data's still in use. Unsurprisingly, this comes with some challenges.

Tessa will use a recent Redis migration at Buildkite as a case study to explore:

  • The different types of data you might be working with
  • Strategies to safely and efficiently migrate each type
  • How to test; locally, in CI, and in prod

Also, communicating the value of these types of infrastructure projects outside of engineering can often be difficult. Tessa will explain some of the team's strategies to ensure the value of this work was visible across the wider organization.

Tessa Bradbury, Buildkite

Tessa is a Staff Software Engineer at Buildkite, a CI/CD platform. She is part of the team ensuring build agents run the right code at the right time and all the necessary record keeping is done so everyone can see the results. She's also particularly interested in how we learn and share knowledge. Especially as we navigate the increasingly complex world of software development.

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