Emergent Organizational Failure: Five Disconnections

Wednesday, March 16, 2022 - 2:20 pm3:00 pm

Mattie Toia, Shopify Inc.


A look at five successive assumptions or mistakes that leaders can easily make when trying to guide teams building reliable systems. This talk focuses on the people and organizational issues that can contribute to well meaning teams building software that is insufficiently reliable. This knowledge is helpful for both technical and managerial leaders guiding their organizations, as well as folks stretching to think more broadly about reliability at any level in their team.

Mattie Toia, Shopify Inc.

Mx. Toia is a leader in the reliability and infrastructure space with over a decade and a half experience. They currently are a Director of Production Engineering at Shopify where they lead the Production Platform organization in delivering reliable compute and network infrastructure to developers across the company. Prior to this, they were an SRE Director at Google leading several different infrastructure and GCP SRE organizations over the years in areas such as Observability, Developer Infrastructure, Enterprise IT, and Storage. They hold degrees in Electrical Engineering and Engineering Management.

Mx. Toia resides in New York City with their family. They enjoy experiencing theater and live performances, exploring neighborhood restaurants, and spending long afternoons in Central Park when the weather is nice.

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