The Pandemic and The Classroom—Enabling Education for Millions

Monday, March 14, 2022 - 3:40 pm4:00 pm

Alper Selcuk, Group Engineering Manager, Microsoft Teams


COVID-19 impacted education from kindergarten to college in unforeseen ways almost overnight. The world had to adapt to an online-only mode of education. What happened behind the scenes to make that happen is unlike any typical growth story for a large product or service. This talk will describe the problems, solutions, and design patterns that Microsoft Teams leveraged to be successful at re-enabling education for millions of remote students. We will focus on education-specific scenarios ranging from seasonal tenant onboarding to optimizing for school hardware to changing customer expectations.

Alper Selcuk, Microsoft Teams

Alper Selcuk is the Group Engineering Manager for Microsoft Teams for Education. He leads the strategic and operational engineering activities within Microsoft to enable online and hybrid learning in schools. He partners with many teams within Microsoft to meet the ever-changing requirements of the education world.

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