Building and Running a Diversity-focused Pre-internship Program for SRE

Monday, March 14, 2022 - 10:20 am11:00 am

Andrew Ryan, Meta Inc.


At Meta, almost all of our early-career Production Engineering hires are former university interns. But, most university students do not even know that something like PE/SRE exists as a career, or have an opportunity to get any training or coursework towards an internship or career in SRE.

To address these gaps, in 2021 we started our first SRE-focused, fully remote pre-internship program, with 96 college students, focusing on diverse participants who would not normally not be recruited through our traditional recruiting pipelines.

In this talk, we will explain why and how we started this program, give extensive details about program administration, curriculum, and our learnings, as well as some preliminary results from the program. It is our hope that audience members will walk away with an understanding of what we did, and be able to go back to their own organizations to implement a similar program.

Andrew Ryan, Meta, Inc.

Andrew has been a Production Engineer at Meta since 2009. During this time, he has worked on teams across Meta's infrastructure, including big data, large scale caches, and CDN infrastructure. He has also been heavily involved with building successful large-scale programs for hiring and developing engineers at Meta, including our Production Engineering intern program.

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