Automated Operating System and Environment Certification at LinkedIn—Reducing Toil and Increasing Velocity

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 2:00 pm2:45 pm

Adam Debus, LinkedIn


In 2019 and early 2020 LinkedIn encountered some issues with the Linux kernel that necessitated in-depth troubleshooting and a rapid process to validate new kernels against our tooling and application stack. Around the same time, LinkedIn started the process of migrating to Azure. These two things, together, revealed some gaps in the existing operating system and tooling certification process that needed to be addressed to better drive LinkedIn's continued growth.

The initial focus of the project was targeted toward kernel certification and, through many discussions with stakeholders, rapidly expanded to encompass a wide range of custom tooling and environments ranging from our physical data centers to Azure.

This is an on-going project which has seen its initial release. In this talk, I intend to discuss early direction, mistakes made, and lessons learned, and share some early results from the enhanced certification process.

Adam Debus, LinkedIn

Adam Debus has been a Staff Site Reliability Engineer at LinkedIn since 2019. Following over a decade of experience leading systems engineers in the eDiscovery and Compliance fields, he now leads the Fleet Compliance initiative at LinkedIn. Currently hailing from San Jose, California with his husband, he's frequently found repeatedly removing his cats from his keyboard in the middle of meetings.

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