Disney Global SRE—Creating Digital Magic

Tuesday, March 15, 2022 - 2:45 pm3:30 pm

Jason Cox, Brian Scott, and Alexi Varanko, The Walt Disney Company


Disney is one of the world’s largest media companies and home to some of the most respected and beloved brands around the globe. Embracing the latest technology is an important strategic focus at Disney, allowing guests to better connect with Disney and allowing Disney to better connect with guests in innovative and delightful ways.

We will tell you a story about a century-old organization that has scaled its SRE practice to ignite digital magic across the globe. This team of SRE Jedi Knights are on a mission to foster curiosity, communities of practice, and technology awesomeness while venturing where no SRE has gone before.

In this talk, we will deliver epic stories of successes, setbacks, and failures while pushing large-scale platforms to their limit and delivering the best in-seat, digital experiences, products, and content to our guests and subscribers across the globe. Showcasing some of the technology and automation we have built.

Jason Cox, The Walt Disney Company

Jason Cox is the Director of SRE at The Walt Disney Company. Jason is a champion of SRE practices, collaboration, curiosity, automation, agile and lean methodologies. He spent several years using technology to design and build public infrastructure. He later co-founded an ISP and web hosting startup, managing datacenters, and business operations until it was sold, shortly after joining Disney. He has had the privilege of speaking at several tech conferences and enjoys writing on leadership and DevOps topics.

Brian Scott, The Walt Disney Company

Brian Scott is Disney’s first Technology Evangelist & Engineering Advocate, helping teams with new technology, building best practices in the Cloud & Automation. He majored in computer science, helped build, and has managed many SRE Teams within The Walt Disney Company. He is an avid evanglist of Go & Automation.

Alexi Varanko, The Walt Disney Company

Alexi Varanko is the Vice President of Cloud, Infrastructure, DB/Systems Reliability Engineering, for The Walt Disney Company. He has had a long career of leading technology transformation efforts, and continues to innovate new ways for Disney to use technology to engage guests, support cast members, and manage businesses systems across the Company (Content Creation, Media Distribution, Parks & Resorts, and Interactive Experiences), including the implementation and adoption of Public and Private Cloud services as a company standard.

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