Data Visualization for SREs—An Essential Skill for Quick Debugging

Wednesday, 29 August, 2018 - 11:2012:30

Yash Shah, LinkedIn

Space is limited: add this to your schedule if you plan to attend.


SREs are software engineers with a broad skill set who work with systems in general. Depending on the type of work and teams, our time is usually spent correlating incidental data to conclude the causes of issues. While we use ELK, splunk, etc. to visualize our logs; it’s an essential skill to parse log file by hand and visualize it to make useful observations quickly. Many times, we end up writing APIs and command line shortcuts to accelerate our debugging. We can make use of some of the techniques I’ll show you to visualize this data quickly.

WHY this talk?

SREs are usually from more architectural/back-end backgrounds and generally lack working with front-end and visualization. The techniques I’ll show will hopefully be helpful to SREs in day-to-day scenarios.

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