Instrumenting an Existing Service for Monitoring

Wednesday, 29 August, 2018 - 11:2012:30

Ingvar Mattsson

Space is limited: add this to your schedule if you plan to attend.


A new service lands on your desk, ready for production! Only, it doesn't seem to have any monitoring, and the dev team have moved on to more urgent needs. Starting with a design document, an existing code-base, an editor and a compiler, we will take this from "runs," to "runs, and is suitable for production use."

Some familiarity with Go is expected. There's (probably) no need for extensive coding, but the workshop does include modifying code, then compile it. During the workshop, you will need a Go compiler and a way of cloning git repositories, as well as running the resulting binaries.

Ingvar Mattsson

Ingvar Mattsson has 20+ years in the "unix admin" trenches paired with an unhealthy fascination for monitoring and alerting systems.

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