Lightning Talks

Thursday, June 07, 2018 - 9:00 am10:55 am


  • Managing Distributed Systems with BOSH on GCP
    Ronak Banka, Pivotal
  • Data Integrity: Key to Protect One of the Most Valuable Assets of Your Company
    Chongxiu Wang, Google Sydney
  • Trouble in the Data Center
    Dan-Claudiu Dragoș, Facebook
  • Modern IT Incident Response at Scale
    Abhijit Pendyal

5-minute Break

  • Moving from the First Line of Defence to Last Line of Defence
    Pradeep Thangavel, Freshworks
  • Demystifying the "A" Word—Accountability
    Lenin Velu, PayPal India
  • Using SSH with CA-Signed Certificates
    Marlon Dutra, Facebook Inc.
  • Relentless Reliability—Handling Hotspots
    Benjamin Kaehne, ServiceNow
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