Adventures in Recovery Land: Testing the Account Recovery of Popular Websites When the Second Factor is Lost


Eva Gerlitz, Fraunhofer FKIE; Maximilian Häring and Charlotte Theresa Mädler, University of Bonn; Matthew Smith, University of Bonn and Fraunhofer FKIE; Christian Tiefenau, University of Bonn


Literature on two-factor authentication (2FA) lists users' fear of losing the second factor as one major constraint on acceptability. Nonetheless, more and more services offer or even enforce 2FA. Yet, little is published about what services do to prevent users from losing access to their accounts and how well users are guided through the process of regaining access to their accounts in case they lose their second factor. To fill this gap, we set up 2FA on 78 popular online services and apps and analyzed their user interface during the 2FA setup and recovery. Although there is no straightforward solution for account recovery when using a second factor, we identified easily fixable usability flaws. For example, in the setup phase, 28 services do not mention the possibility of losing the second factor at all. Furthermore, while it is common for services to provide a clearly visible “forgotten password”-link beneath the login field, an equivalent for 2FA is often missing, and a user is left alone with the problem. Our study provides insights for website designers and security practitioners seeking to enhance the usability of 2FA. We also discuss further directions for research.

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