Maybe We Have Been Doing This Wrong?: Protester as Persona

Matt Mitchell, The Ford Foundation


Matt will speak on his experience providing usable, practical, security and privacy to those on the margins. This presentation will focus on the unique privacy and security needs of oppressed and marginalized communities. Matt will speak on ways we can make the outcomes of our work closer to our goals by including these "personas" while in the process. Matt will highlight examples in application development, user research, user experience, and research papers.

Matt Mitchell, The Ford Foundation

Matt Mitchell is a hacker, and tech fellow to the BUILD program at the Ford Foundation. In his work there Matt develops digital security strategy for the foundation's grantee partners.

Matt is a well-known security researcher, operational security trainer, and data journalist who founded & leads CryptoHarlem, impromptu workshops teaching basic cryptography tools to the predominately African American community in upper Manhattan. Matt trained people as an independent trainer for Global Journalist Security) in digital safety &security. Matt also trained activists in operational and information security. His personal work focuses on marginalized, aggressively monitored, over-policed populations in the United States. He is formerly a tech advisor to the Human Rights Foundation, and the Internet Freedom Festival, .Matt was also a member of the advisory board to the Open Technology Fund, the Internet Freedom Festival, the Digital Security Exchange, Citizen Clinic at Berkeley University Center for Long Term Cybersecurity, The 4th Amendment Center at the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers, and TurnOut.

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