Building and Scaling a Data Stewardship Program for Products Used by Hundreds of Millions of People

Tuesday, August 13, 2019 - 12:00 pm12:30 pm

Rebecca Weiss, Mozilla Corporation


Data stewardship programs provide a unique solution to balancing the costs of adhering to privacy principles while still collecting the data needed for modern product development. In this talk, I will discuss how Mozilla uses data stewardship as we build Firefox and share the lessons we’ve learned along the way.

Rebecca Weiss, Mozilla Corporation

Rebecca Weiss is the Director of Data Science at Mozilla. She leads a team focusing on generating insights into the state of the browser and the Web at large. She was also the lead Data Steward of Firefox, where she worked on creating privacy standards for data collection in the browser. Previously, she was a Fellow at the Berkman Center for Internet and Society as well as the Brown Institute for Media Innovation. She holds a PhD from Stanford, a SM in Technology Policy from MIT, and a BA in Cognitive Systems from the University of British Columbia. She also knows a surprising amount about comic books and video games.

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