Privacy as a Service: Building an End-to-End Consent Platform

Monday, August 12, 2019 - 11:30 am12:00 pm

Roche Janken, Uber


Confirming user consent in a consistent and transparent way is an important aspect of giving consumers visibility and control over data-sharing choices. Uber’s privacy engineering team built a consent service to make it easy for product teams to do the right thing when it comes to confirming user consent for data collection when needed. As a global company with businesses across multiple verticals, primary design considerations included flexibility for unanticipated use cases, ease of development so product teams can add functionality, and reliability. With only a few lines of code, feature teams can utilize this service in various features such as ebike onboarding and restaurant-partner support. This session will focus on how to design a consent service with the necessary flexibility for other teams with unanticipated use cases to easily confirm consent.

Roche Janken, Uber

Hello! I am a senior software engineer on the Privacy Team at Uber. I feel really lucky to have found this field because when I’m not quitely coding on projects that support user privacy, I get to work with really wonderful and interesting people across disciplines. What a joy to explore unknown territory in a creative and collaborative way.

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