AntMan: Dynamic Scaling on GPU Clusters for Deep Learning


Wencong Xiao, Shiru Ren, Yong Li, Yang Zhang, Pengyang Hou, Zhi Li, Yihui Feng, Wei Lin, and Yangqing Jia, Alibaba Group


Efficiently scheduling deep learning jobs on large-scale GPU clusters is crucial for job performance, system throughput, and hardware utilization. It is getting ever more challenging as deep learning workloads become more complex. This paper presents AntMan, a deep learning infrastructure that co-designs cluster schedulers with deep learning frameworks and has been deployed in production at Alibaba to manage tens of thousands of daily deep learning jobs across thousands of GPUs. AntMan accommodates the fluctuating resource demands of deep learning training jobs. As such, it utilizes the spare GPU resources to co-execute multiple jobs on a shared GPU. AntMan exploits unique characteristics of deep learning training to introduce dynamic scaling mechanisms for memory and computation within the deep learning frameworks. This allows fine-grained coordination between jobs and prevents job interference. Evaluations show that AntMan improves the overall GPU memory utilization by 42% and the computation unit utilization by 34% in our multi-tenant cluster without compromising fairness, presenting a new approach to efficiently utilizing GPUs at scale.

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