Dynamic Query Re-Planning using QOOP


Kshiteej Mahajan, UW-Madison; Mosharaf Chowdhury, U. Michigan; Aditya Akella and Shuchi Chawla, UW-Madison


Modern data processing clusters are highly dynamic -- both in terms of the number of concurrently running jobs and their resource usage. To improve job performance, recent works have focused on optimizing the cluster scheduler and the jobs' query planner with a focus on picking the right query execution plan (QEP) -- represented as a directed acyclic graph -- for a job in a resource-aware manner, and scheduling jobs in a QEP-aware manner. However, because existing solutions use a fixed QEP throughout the entire execution, the inability to adapt a QEP in reaction to resource changes often leads to large performance inefficiencies.

This paper argues for dynamic query re-planning, wherein we re-evaluate and re-plan a job's QEP during its execution. We show that designing for re-planning requires fundamental changes to the interfaces between key layers of data analytics stacks today, i.e., the query planner, the execution engine, and the cluster scheduler. Instead of pushing more complexity into the scheduler or the query planner, we argue for a redistribution of responsibilities between the three components to simplify their designs. Under this redesign, we analytically show that a greedy algorithm for re-planning and execution alongside a simple max-min fair scheduler can offer provably competitive behavior even under adversarial resource changes. We prototype our algorithms atop Apache Hive and Tez. Via extensive experiments, we show that our design can offer a median performance improvement of 1.47x compared to state-of-the-art alternatives.

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