How the Experts Do It: Production ML at Scale

Lead and moderator: Joel Young, LinkedIn

Panelists: Sandhya Ramu, Director, AI SRE, LinkedIn; Andrew Hoh, Product Manager, ML Infra and Applied ML, AirBNB; Aditya Kalro, Engineering Manager, AI Infra Services and Platform, Facebook; Faisal Siddiqi, Engineering Manager, Personalization Infrastructure, Netflix; Pranav Khaitan, Engineering Manager, Personalization and Dialog ML Infra, Google


Machine learning is driving virtually every major online service we use. In this panel, top experts from across the industry will discuss how they have learned to scale machine learning and its use in solving real-world problems. Come and learn strategies for managing the fast evolution of technologies, get insights into how deep learning is changing the serving game from productionizing large models and using GPUs, learn how these companies keep their incredibly complicated serving stacks operable 24x7, and the dimensions of scale that they worry about—dimensions ranging from the raw queries-per-second flowing through their systems, the growing size and complexity of the models, to the number of users across engineering building and fielding them. We’ll conclude with a discussion of how these experts measure success.

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