TANGO: Secure Collaborative Route Control across the Public Internet


Henry Birge-Lee, Sophia Yoo, Benjamin Herber, Jennifer Rexford, and Maria Apostolaki, Princeton University


As the demands of modern latency-critical applications grow, major service providers are seeking to meet those demands by expanding their infrastructure to the edge and offering global connectivity through private WANs or Network-as-a-Service solutions. Unfortunately, these approaches are costly for smaller edge networks and lead to Internet consolidation. Worse, since the public Internet suffers from limited visibility and control over interdomain routing, smaller edges today are left with poor alternatives outside of joining the hypergiants. As a new alternative, we introduce TANGO, which enables smaller edges to expose paths and exert route control over the public Internet without relying on third parties or cooperation from the Internet core, to dynamically meet the performance needs of their customers. We show that, using collaboration, TANGO edges can jointly (i) expose more BGP-compliant wide-area paths via coordinated BGP advertisements; (ii) collect fine-grained, trustworthy telemetry using cryptographically-protected custom headers; and (iii) dynamically reroute traffic in the data plane. TANGO innovates in both the control and data planes, and runs on a programmable switch or in eBPF. Our Internet-scale experiments uncover rich path diversity, exposing paths that outperform the default BGP path 75-100% of the time for 20 edge pairs across multiple continents, while reducing latency by up to 39% compared to the default.

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