Unifying Timestamp with Transaction Ordering for MVCC with Decentralized Scalar Timestamp


Xingda Wei, Rong Chen, Haibo Chen, Zhaoguo Wang, Zhenhan Gong, and Binyu Zang, Shanghai Jiao Tong University


This paper presents DST, a decentralized scalar timestamp scheme to scale distributed transactions using multi-version concurrency control (MVCC). DST is efficient in storage and network by being a scalar timestamp but requiring no centralized timestamp service for coordination, which may become a scalability bottleneck. The key observation is that concurrency control (CC) protocols like OCC and 2PL already imply a serializable order among concurrent read-write transactions through conflicting database tuples. To this end, DST piggybacks on CC protocols to maintain the timestamp ordering with low cost and no new scalability bottleneck for read-write transactions. DST further provides snapshot reads with bounded staleness by using a hybrid scalar timestamp (physical clock and logical counter). To demonstrate the generality of DST, we provide a general guideline for the integration of DST and further show the effectiveness by using three representative transactional systems (i.e., DrTM+R, MySQL cluster, and ROCOCO) with different CC protocols. Experimental results show that DST can achieve more than 95% of optimal performance (using Read Committed) without compromising correctness. With DST, DrTM+R achieves up to 1.8X higher peak throughput for TPC-E and outperforms other timestamp schemes by 6.3X for TPC-C. DST also leads up to 1.9X and 2.1X speedup on TPC-C for MySQL cluster and ROCOCO, respectively.

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