Confluo: Distributed Monitoring and Diagnosis Stack for High-speed Networks


Anurag Khandelwal, UC Berkeley; Rachit Agarwal, Cornell University; Ion Stoica, UC Berkeley


Confluo is an end-host stack that can be integrated with existing network management tools to enable monitoring and diagnosis of network-wide events using telemetry data distributed across end-hosts, even for high-speed networks. Confluo achieves these properties using a new data structure—Atomic MultiLog—that supports highly-concurrent read-write operations by exploiting two properties specific to telemetry data: (1) once processed by the stack, the data is neither updated nor deleted; and (2) each field in the data has a fixed pre-defined size. Our evaluation results show that, for packet sizes 128B or larger, Confluo executes thousands of triggers and tens of filters at line rate (for 10Gbps links) using a single core.

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