FarmBeats: An IoT Platform for Data-Driven Agriculture


Deepak Vasisht, Microsoft and Massachusetts Institute of Technology; Zerina Kapetanovic, Microsoft and University of Washington; Jongho Won, Microsoft and Purdue University; Xinxin Jin, Microsoft and University of California, San Diego; Ranveer Chandra, Ashish Kapoor, Sudipta N. Sinha, and Madhusudhan Sudarshan, Microsoft; Sean Stratman, Dancing Crow Farm


Data-driven techniques help boost agricultural productivity by increasing yields, reducing losses and cutting down input costs. However, these techniques have seen sparse adoption owing to high costs of manual data collection and limited connectivity solutions. In this paper, we present FarmBeats, an end-to-end IoT platform for agriculture that enables seamless data collection from various sensors, cameras and drones. FarmBeats’s system design that explicitly accounts for weather-related power and Internet outages has enabled six month long deployments in two US farms.

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