Providing Reliable NT Desktop Services by Avoiding NT Server


We have developed a reliable, stable NT Desktop environment for our customers. The services we provide include: Standard desktop applications (word processing, spreadsheet, etc.), access to UNIX compute servers, file storage and backups, e-mail, printing, calendar, netnews, web, and Internet access. We founded our architecture by selecting open, standard protocols rather than specific applications. This decoupled our client application selection process from our server platform selection process. We could then choose the server based on our needs for reliability, scalability, and manageability and let customers independently choose their clients based on their needs of platform (NT or UNIX), features, and preferences. We can now choose between competing server products rather than be locked into the (potentially difficult to manage) server required for a particular client application. This created a ``no compromises'' environment on the desktop as well as in our server room. Our customers are happy because the ``tail'' doesn't ``wag the dog''. Our ability to manage this infrastructure is superior because the dog doesn't wag the tail either. The resulting system gives us a strong base to build new services.