From Hyper Converged Infrastructure to Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure

Karan Gupta, Nutanix


This talk will cover Nutanix's journey as it transitioned from a pioneer in Hyper Converged Infrastructure to a strong contender of Hybrid Cloud Infrastructure. I will draw on examples from my seven years of experience of building distributed storage systems and LSM-based key value stores at Nutanix. I will describe challenges faced by customers and engineers on the ground, and briefly touch on challenges I see on the horizon for hybrid cloud infrastructure.

Karan Gupta, Nutanix

Karan Gupta is the principal architect at Nutanix and has over 20 years of experience in distributed filesystems. He has designed and led the evolution of hyper converged storage infrastructure for all tiers (performance and scale) of workloads. He has published multiple papers on LSM based key-value stores and won the best paper award in ATC’19. At Nutanix, he is leading the charter to build geo-distributed federated object stores for the hybrid cloud world. He started his journey in distributed systems at IBM Research Labs at Almaden.

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