P4EC: Enabling Terabit Edge Computing in Enterprise 4G LTE


Max Hollingsworth, Jinsung Lee, Zhang Liu, Jihoon Lee, Sangtae Ha, and Dirk Grunwald, University of Colorado Boulder


Traditional LTE networks route Internet traffic through a packet gateway. Enterprise LTE networks with a cloud-based core use a similarly faraway gateway. To provide low-latency services, such as accessing nearby mobile devices, fog services, or localized information, a "local-exit" to the Internet is needed to avoid traveling through the LTE core. To create a local-exit, we build P4EC, a terabit capable mobile edge cloud using a programmable switch to distinguish and reroute traffic. P4EC is placed physically near the cellular deployment and reroutes specifically identified traffic to and from the mobile device. The P4EC implements packet redirection using the P4 programmable switching hardware that supports terabit throughput in inexpensive equipment. P4EC operates without any modification to the LTE core. This work describes a working proof-of-concept operating in an actual LTE network.

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