Edge Computing Resource Management System: a Critical Building Block! Initiating the debate via OpenStack


Ronan-Alexandre Cherrueau, Adrien Lebre, and Dimitri Pertin, STACK Research Group - IMT-Atlantique, Inria, LS2N, France; Fetahi Wuhib, Ericsson Research, Canada; João Monteiro Soares, Ericsson Research, Sweden


While it is clear that edge infrastructures are required for emerging use-cases related to IoT, VR or NFV, there is currently no resource management system able to deliver all features for the edge that made cloud computing successful (e.g., an OpenStack for the edge). Since building a system from scratch is seen by many as impractical, this paper provides reflections regarding how existing solutions can be leveraged. To that end, we provide a list of the features required to operate and use edge computing resources, and investigate how an existing IaaS manager (i.e., OpenStack) satisfies these requirements. Finally, we identify from this study two approaches to design an edge infrastructure manager that fulfils our requirements, and discuss their pros and cons. This paper aims at initiating the discussion in our community.

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