Reaping the performance of fast NVM storage with uDepot


Kornilios Kourtis, Nikolas Ioannou, and Ioannis Koltsidas, IBM Research


Many applications require low-latency key-value storage, a requirement that is typically satisfied using key-value stores backed by DRAM. Recently, however, storage devices built on novel NVM technologies offer unprecedented performance compared to conventional SSDs. A key-value store that could deliver the performance of these devices would offer many opportunities to accelerate applications and reduce costs. Nevertheless, existing key-value stores, built for slower SSDs or HDDs, cannot fully exploit such devices.

In this paper, we present uDepot, a key-value store built bottom-up to deliver the performance of fast NVM block-based devices. uDepot is carefully crafted to avoid inefficiencies, uses a two-level indexing structure that dynamically adjusts its DRAM footprint to match the inserted items, and employs a novel task-based IO run-time system to maximize performance, enabling applications to use fast NVM devices at their full potential. As an embedded store, uDepot's performance nearly matches the raw performance of fast NVM devices both in terms of throughput and latency, while being scalable across multiple devices and cores. As a server, uDepot significantly outperforms state-of-the-art stores that target SSDs under the YCSB benchmark. Finally, using a Memcache service on top of uDepot we demonstrate that data services built on NVM storage devices can offer equivalent performance to their DRAM-based counterparts at a much lower cost. Indeed, using uDepot we have built a cloud Memcache service that is currently available as an experimental offering in the public cloud.

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