Fireside Chat with Simson Garfinkel on Quantum Technologies

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Tuesday, January 24, 2023 - 1:15 pm2:00 pm

Moderator: Joseph Lorenzo Hall, Internet Society
Speaker: Simson Garfinkel


"Quantum" is all the rage; from post-quantum cryptography, to strange looking computational apparatuses doing quantum computations, to visions of future quantum communications networks sending quantum information around the world. Where classical computation involves bits and bytes, quantum technologies operate on a different level, using both the precision and fuzziness of quantum mechanics. Despite the fanfare, we may be overly focusing on certain aspects of quantum technologies, and potentially missing serious implications that may arrive at our doorstep much sooner than any significant quantum computer or quantum communication network. Join Joseph Lorenzo Hall in a fireside chat with Simson Garfinkel, co-author with Chris Hoofnagle of the 2021 book, Law and Policy for the Quantum Age, from Cambridge University Press.

Simson Garfinkel

Simson Garfinkel has written extensively on computer security, privacy, and digital forensics. A fellow of the AAAS, the ACM and IEEE, Garfinkel holds a Ph.D. in Computer Science from MIT and a Master of Science in Journalism from Columbia University.

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