Privacy, Measurably, Isn't Dead

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Monday, February 01, 2021 - 1:15 pm1:45 pm

Patrick Gage Kelley, Google


You've heard that privacy is dead or dying, but we challenge that view with data collected from over 90,000 respondents across 25+ countries and 6 continents that we've been gathering annually since 2015. In this talk we'll feature six findings from our results, focused on the state of privacy today, attitudes about privacy in the future, how this varies around the world, and what we in the ENIGMA community can do to continue to globally support a future with privacy.

Patrick Kelley, Google

Patrick Gage Kelley is a researcher at Google focusing on security, privacy, and anti-abuse topics. He has worked on projects on the use and design of standardized, user-friendly privacy displays, passwords, location-sharing, mobile apps, encryption, and technology ethics. Patrick’s work on redesigning privacy policies in the style of nutrition labels was included in the 2009 Annual Privacy Papers for Policymakers event on Capitol Hill. Most recently, Apple recently revived this work with their newly announced App Privacy Labels.

Previously, he was a professor of Computer Science at the University of New Mexico and faculty at the UNM ARTSLab and received his Ph.D. from Carnegie Mellon University working with the Mobile Commerce Lab and the CyLab Usable Privacy and Security (CUPS) Lab. He was an early researcher at Wombat Security Technologies, now a part of Proofpoint, and has also been at NYU, Intel Labs, and the National Security Agency.

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