Gone, But Not "Forgotten"—Technical & Practical Challenges In Operationalizing Modern Privacy Rights

Monday, February 01, 2021 - 12:00 pm12:30 pm

Kelly Huang, VP Product, Ethyca


The intersection of data protection law and engineering is still young. In many businesses, engineers building systems for laws like CCPA and GDPR suffer from a lack of institutional knowledge on privacy, ambiguity around system requirements, and even ambiguity regarding legal terms - just what is “erasure”? In this presentation, Kelly Huang, VP of Product at privacy startup Ethyca, will give attendees an insight into how modern data privacy laws get operationalized in complex systems, and in so doing, help lift the veil on the many outstanding questions that persist regarding privacy in the engineering community.

Kelly Huang, VP Product, Ethyca

Kelly is the VP of Product at Ethyca, a data privacy startup that enables all companies to empower their customers to take control of their personal data. She is a startup veteran with over a decade of software development and product strategy experience in fintech, ecommerce, AAA media, and healthcare IT. She has been responsible for the product vision and monetization strategy for B2C and B2B2C digital products at multinational Fortune 100 companies. Kelly is passionate about building great products with responsible intent and is an amateur pizza connoisseur.

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