Designing Verifiable Health Solutions For Global Pandemic

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Wednesday, February 03, 2021 - 7:35 am8:05 am

Mark Funk, Obscure Group


Hindsight may be 20/20, but uncertainty ran rampant when COVID-19 quickly spread throughout the US last year. Mark is going to share their work from this early period, where they designed an abstract solution for verifiable attestation, lab test results, and vaccination history to address public safety and privacy, in a hypothetical world where lab tests and vaccines would be available and freely accessible for all. While many technical solutions have emerged since then, we are still far from a contained epidemic and a vaccinated population in the US. Mark hopes their story will shed light on the complex considerations in this problem space, so others may be better prepared to evaluate the cost of introducing new technology versus continuing our current path.

Mark Funk, Obscure Group

Mark Funk (ex: Google, Square, etc) is a product, security, and privacy software engineer that has been designing, building, and reviewing solutions for around 15 years. While they currently run a small security and privacy consultancy called Obscure Group, they also provide pro-bono services to nonprofit organizations in the health and humanitarian sector. Their experience working directly with consumer hardware, social networking, fintech, e-commerce, and other product organizations allows them to bring their technical specialization and wide breadth of expertise to different verticals.

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