Greg Conti

Gregory Conti is Director of Security Research at IronNet Cybersecurity. Formerly he served on the West Point faculty for more than a decade where he led their cybersecurity research and education efforts. During his career in the Army he served in a variety of Signals Intelligence and Cyber Operations assignments, deploying to Iraq as Officer-in-Charge of U.S. Cyber Command's Expeditionary Cyber Support Team and as a Senior Advisor in the U.S. Cyber Command Commander's Action Group where he co-developed the Joint Advanced Cyber Warfare Course. Gregory is the author of the new book, On Cyber: Towards an Operation Art for Cyber Operations (Kopidion Press), as well as approximately 75 articles and papers covering online privacy, usable security, cyber conflict, and security visualization. He has spoken at numerous security conferences, including Black Hat, DEFCON, RSA, ShmooCon, HOPE, Google Ideas, and the NATO Conference on Cyber Conflict. Conti holds a B.S. from West Point, an M.S. from Johns Hopkins University, and a Ph.D. from the Georgia Institute of Technology, all in computer science. He may be found online at and on Twitter as @cyberbgone.