Inside "MOAR TLS:" How We Think about Encouraging External HTTPS Adoption on the Web

Monday, January 30, 2017 - 11:00am11:30am

Emily Schechter, Google


HTTPS has been around for over 20 years, but adoption has only slowly increased recently. At Google, a project called "MOAR TLS" is guiding the web towards HTTPS everywhere by methodically hunting and addressing major hurdles for TLS adoption. This talk will give an inside look into the unexpected speedbumps we've faced along the way (why has it taken years to indicate HTTP as "not secure" in Chrome?) and research we've used to guide our strategy. We'll share some talking points that lead to successful HTTPS conversations, in case you're also interested in promoting HTTPS. Finally, we’ll discuss remaining hurdles on the road to HTTPS everywhere.

Emily Schechter, Google

Emily Schechter is Product Manager for Chrome Security at Google, where she works on Chrome Security UX and HTTPS adoption on the web. She has previously worked on the Google Safe Browsing and Anti-Malvertising teams to keep Google and web users safe from online threats. Emily has degrees in Computer Engineering and Economics from Dartmouth College.

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